September 29, 2010

Glamour gams. Now on sale. Game on.

The truth, now. Haven't you always secretly loved the swish-swish of nylons as you clickety-click your heels across a polished floor?

Some of us call them Stockings. Perhaps your best friend in high school called them Hose. Your mom probably called them Nylons. But most aficionados of the gam simply call them The Finishing Touch. Whatever you choose to call them, a well-dressed leg is the last word in putting together that total, turned-out look.

Up your game this fall with this irresistible offer from Rebecka Vaughan:

With every 2 pairs of hosiery you buy, we're giving you a 3rd pair of FREE. That's right, Virginia. You'll receive 1 free pair of stockings, pantyhose, tights, or knee-highs of equal or lesser value with every 2 pairs you purchase, as long as supplies last, through the month of October. (That's 6 legs for the price of 4!)

Choose from world-famous Oroblu of Italy (including every pageant contestant's favorite, "Shock-ups"), Berkshire (classic
and queen-sized), tights and leggings (footless, patterns, and other styles), Le Mystere 100% silk stockings from France, fishnets (thigh-highs and full), waistband-less, wedding styles, and oodles more. All sleek, sassy, and affordable.

You wouldn't wear an unhemmed dress to that special autumn soireƩ, would you? So, why wear an undressed leg?