October 1, 2010

Big night planned? Well, girl, it's your lucky month.

We hear that October is now the most popular month for weddings. Judging from the number of brides we've seen lately, it must be true. Now, however, October can be everyone's luckiest month, because many of those night-to-remember peignoirs for which we're known are on sale at half their regular retail price

Christina Vancouver's blush pink silk gown embellished with antique lace (shown left, and a favorite of Gwynneth's dresser), offered at only half the regular price.

Jonquil's pure silk chiffon wrap and accompanying charmeuse gown with delicate lace bodice, in black or ivory, 50% off retail.

Mystique's pale blue chemise and wrap, ditto.

And more. Sizes vary by style, so don't delay. These dramatic sale prices are valid only through October. You lucky girl, you.