October 18, 2010

Claridge + King. Here. Now.

To say we're excited is an understatement.

We're simply tickled to announce that we've just received shipment of a HUGE assortment of new fashions from Claridge + King that will have you lounging, cuddling, sashay-ing, and dreaming of crisp fall days in menswear-gone-feminine style!

We're drooling over C+K's sumptuous silk-and-spandex jewel gown?/dress?/lounger? in Sapphire (shown, left). And showing off their crisp white cotton Mandarin Collar Shirtdress that doubles as a Dressing Gown. And featuring the cuddly Swing Cardigan/Short Wrap Robe. And coveting all their menswear-inspired pajama pants, "His for Her" sleep shirts, and tops!

Drop in and you'll see why this not-to-be-missed shopping opportunity should be at the top of your to-do list. Not only can you scoop the holidays with the best C+K selection around, but you can treat yourself to the sophisticated designs of this extraordinary sister team, Laurann Claridge and Liz King. 

Here, at Rebecka Vaughan Lingerie. Right now. 

October 6, 2010

Just like they wore...in 1964.

Remember hearing about those retro garter belts made of white stretchy stuff that hooked up nylons stockings with those little bumpy hooky things? They can be yours now. And just in time for dress up. Or Halloween. Several styles, you choose.

And they're only $5.

Need we say more?

October 1, 2010

Big night planned? Well, girl, it's your lucky month.

We hear that October is now the most popular month for weddings. Judging from the number of brides we've seen lately, it must be true. Now, however, October can be everyone's luckiest month, because many of those night-to-remember peignoirs for which we're known are on sale at half their regular retail price

Christina Vancouver's blush pink silk gown embellished with antique lace (shown left, and a favorite of Gwynneth's dresser), offered at only half the regular price.

Jonquil's pure silk chiffon wrap and accompanying charmeuse gown with delicate lace bodice, in black or ivory, 50% off retail.

Mystique's pale blue chemise and wrap, ditto.

And more. Sizes vary by style, so don't delay. These dramatic sale prices are valid only through October. You lucky girl, you.