September 28, 2010

A $10 bra? Believe it!

There's no point in beating around the bush. These girls are leaving the building. Yes, Virginia, their days at Rebecka Vaughan are numbered.

Why only $10? These bras are drastically reduced because the styles, colors, or manufacturers have been discontinued. Some of them sold at retail for over $100 (really!), and they are all top quality.

How long? At $10 a pop until they're outta here, that's how.

When? Now. Right now.

Anything else? Yep. Did we mention that all our sale panties are only $5 apiece? Thongs and boy shorts, too.

Got that, Virginia? Good. Now, hurry on in and check out the $10 bra rack. And the $5 panties. No limit. All sales final.