April 11, 2011

What's a girl to do?

"Marie." 30-38 band widths, DD-HH cups.
Here at Rebecka Vaughan, we've actually seen women come in for a fitting wearing, not one, but two bras. Bless their hearts. Frankly, they just didn't know any other way to get the support they needed. Truth be known, if you're especially blessed, you can't just walk into any old shop and pick up a bra.

In 1979, Rebecka Vaughan realized this and opened her boutique in Green Hills. For over 32 years, women of all sizes, from all over, have come to us for the perfect fit. And we do mean perfect. No hit-or-miss, this one'll do bras. No saggy bosoms allowed.

Case in point: the "Marie" by Fantasie of England, a company that specializes in smaller torso/fuller bust bras. Newly arrived and hanging on our racks now, this limited-edition darling offers a triple-paneled, stiff lace cup with gorgeous embroidery to amply support DD's through HH's without having to resort to that Madmen look.

Know what we mean? Sure you do. No appointment is ever needed, just stop by and see for yourself.