April 15, 2011

Breathe easy. Cotton's back.

There's absolutely nothing like it. When warm weather hits the South, there's no substitute for the real deal.... When it comes to comfort, Cotton is Queen at Rebecka Vaughan.

We're pleased to offer, once again, THEA's embroidered white sheeting gowns with matching robes. Threads of Hope for Economic Advancement is a women's cooperative in the Philippines which makes fabulously breezy, utterly feminine cotton sleepwear that so many of us in warmer climes love to wear--especially from Mother's Day through Labor Day.

And we've got tailored cotton. pJamas' ever-popular, menswear-striped percale pajama with lapel and chest pocket, short buttoned-placket gown, and matching robe are back, too. White, blue, or pink. All deliciously crisp and cool.

And even more comfy cotton.... The silkiest hand of any cotton knit on the market is pJamas' butterknit, made in the USA of 100% Bolivian pima cotton. Shorty pajamas in pale pink, tank gowns in two lengths, and wrap kimonos in seafoam. Simple, buttery comfort.

Breathe deeply. Exhale. Now relax. Cotton's back.