August 15, 2011

Go ahead. Spread your wings this fall.

Every season, we scour the marketplace for THE bra. You know, an eye-popper, the gotta-have, that one ethereal assemblage of lace and luxury that makes it exciting to get dressed--or undressed. This fall, we've found our bra.

Chantelle of Paris has introduced a newcomer, the Icone demi-cup in "Papillon." It's one of the prettiest bras we've seen in quite a while. Let's be honest. Papillon is not the bra you're going to reach for when it's time to go Krogering (although you might be tempted to). That's because once you slip into Papillon, you'll feel uber-special and ultra-feminine.

Papillon is French for "butterfly."
Go ahead. Spread your wings.
If you like a demi-cup, you'll adore Papillon. If you've never tried one, imagine being lifted up, not together. It's a high, rounded bustline, not squeezed together. Very young and very romantic. 

Stop in and let us fit you to a Papillon or one of our other demi-cups. We can even order special a different color in your perfect size. You'll feel a metamorphosis coming on.