June 23, 2011

Get comfortable. Get your NiteSweatz on.

NiteSweatz moisture wicking sleepwear is here! This cool, hip, dry and comfortable thermo-regulating collection keeps bodies comfy and cool as temperatures rise.

Why choose NiteSweatzThis innovative, thermo-regulating sleep apparel makes a distinctive fashion statement while comforting the body and spirit during life changing conditions that contribute to increased perspiration, hot flashes, and night sweats. (Ladies, you know what we're talking about here.)

It's the patented moisture wicking fabric that makes the difference. Here's how it works: Nitesweatz fabric introduces a permanent moisture transport technology as a result of a complex chemical process which grafts a moisture-seeking (hydrophilic) molecule to the surface of the moisture-hating (hydrophobic) fibers. Each molecule draws moisture away from its neighboring molecule, spreading the moisture over as wide a surface area as possible, which in turn speeds up evaporation and drying. The result? A dry, warm, very soft and plush fabric--perfect for luxurious sleepwear! NiteSweatz fabric also has antimicrobial properties. Because it stays dry, it denies bacteria the breeding ground it requires to develop. Did we mention that NiteSweatz is soil resistant? When dirt falls on the fabric, it rests on a bed of hydrophilic molecules to keep dirt away from the core.

Flutter Sleeve Gown
Flutter Sleeve Gown is the perfect chemise length gown for the lady who just wants a little something on her arms at night. The keyhole neckline with tie adds great style and class to this simple yet stylish sleepshirt design. If you know a lady who is used to sleeping in a big teeshirt and is ready for a fashion update, this is the gown for her!

Pant & Tee Set
Pair the super sassy tee and a casual, full-length drawstring pant with just a touch of elastic in the waist and you get a travel essential. This transitional set is perfect for lounging, sleeping, working or playing. Pair it with a favorite jacket or sweater and off you go--a favorite!

5-Button Tank Gown

5-Button Tank Gown fits slightly closer to the body than our other gowns - but never tight! The streamlined look of this gown starts with a slight curve in at the shoulders, drawing the eye down the body with the five buttons and ends mid-calf. A 12" slit on either side adds freedom for movement with a flair. (Who says she has to have hot flashes to wear this? Add some jewels and heels and voila an evening dress!)

Show off your hot bod with NiteSweatz or delight someone special with a cool and comfy summer of sleep!