February 7, 2011

Survey says...it's the most comfortable underwire bra.

Available in-store or by order
in B-H cups, 30-44 bands
Nude, Black, White
 We've sold it for years and years. And for good reason.

Our customers come back time and time again for it. They say it feels like their own skin. We even have doctors who send us post-surgical patients just for this particular brassiere. When it comes to comfort, Rebecka Vaughan and Anita Rosa Faia have got you covered. Here's why:

* The wide, adjustable comfort straps are additionally reinforced over the shoulders.
* Additional breast support through the sides provides firm support.
* The 2-position back becomes wider.
* Comfy microfiber breathes and stretches while you wear it.

Isn't it time you found a bra that felt this good?