September 10, 2010

Adeline, in her MAD MEN best!

Yes, it's true. Rebecka Vaughan Lingerie has a room full of MAD MEN-style foundations in an array of sizes to give you that blast-from-the-past look for every occasion! Just come in and ask our ever-helpful fitting specialists. We can package you up in panty girdles, all-in-ones, long-line bras and garter belts so you can create your very own MAD MEN look, just like our very own customer, Adeline, shown here wearing her MAD MEN best!

Adeline (a/k/a Barbara Drogo) is a contestant in AMC's MAD MEN Casting Call Contest to win a walk-on in the mega-hit TV series. You can vote for our gal Adeline as often as you like, now through September 17th, by clicking here:

With a circa 1965 frock and spot-on accessories, Adeline's career girl look demanded she start from the inside out, so, naturally, she pulled her ensemble together with help from us. With retro underpinnings culled from our extensive stock of authentic, old-school foundations, how else would she have been able to get that oh-so-Sixties look?

Come on in and let us take YOU back to those Mad, Mad Sixties in a New York minute!